Suggestions for Philosopher's themed sightseeing activities

  • Wittgenstein’s grave
  • During your stay in Cambridge you can visit Wittgenstein's grave which can be found in the Ascension Parish Burial Ground, All Souls Lane (map). The cemetery is open to the public Monday-Friday: 9-5pm.

    How to get there: it is a 30 minute walk from Newnham College (map), or a 10 minute drive by taxi. Alternatively, you can take the buses Citi 5 or City 6 from Emmanuel Street in the city centre (stop E4) and hop off at All Souls Lane stop.

  • Trinity College, Wren Library:
  • The renowned Trinity College in Cambridge was the college of Bertrand Russell, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Isaac Newton and Francis Bacon among others. The historic Wren library of Trinity college hosts, among other valuable manuscripts, Wittgenstein’s notebooks which the librarian has kindly agreed to put on display during the days of our conference. Admission to the library will be free of charge for our delegates through the Back Gates of the college on Queen’s Road or Garret Hostel Lane, Monday-Friday 9am-12 and 2-5pm (please note that to visit the rest of Trinity college grounds an admission fee of £2 applies). UPDATE: Works taking place in the college will not disrupt entry to the Wren Library from the Queens' Road entrance to the college.

  • Walk to Grantchester meadows:
  • If the weather is nice, we recommend the walk through the Grantchester meadows to the Orchard tea garden (open daily: 9:30-5pm) which was popular among Russell, Wittgenstein, Keynes and Virginia Woolf among others. You can start walking from Grantchester street (then Eltisley Avenue) which is a 5 minute walk from Newnham college, and then follow either the pedestrian path or walk along the river until you reach the garden of the Orchard (43 Mill Way, Grantchester, Cambridge CB3 9ND).

  • Fitzwilliam museum:
  • The Fitzwilliam museum on Trumpington street with its various collections and exhibitions is definitely worth a visit. Opening times: Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 12-5pm. Admission is free but donations are welcomed.